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What is the certificate EAC for custom union

On 18.06.2010 in force of the decision n. 319 the economic commission of the customs union approved the new unified technical regulation of the EuraSec customs community. This decision established, also, the establishment of a single registers of the certifying bodies and test laboratories admitted to issue and perform analyzes for the issue of the new customs union certificate (Art.1).

In article n. 6 are well highlighted a list of products subject to mandatory control of conformity .." This certificate may be issued in one of the countries of the customs union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Kirghizistam and Armenia) and have mutually recognized validity by all EuRaSEc countries.

The new certification of the customs union presents some noteworthy innovations; The company requesting certification will have to prepare a set of documents to be submitted including:

  • Documentation to demonstrate that the production quality of the company can be considered "stable" over time and the measures taken to maintain quality;
  • Technical documentation of products;
  • Methodologies undertaken for the control of production;
  • Security Analysis and Management;
  • Technical passport in according to the EAC rules

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