Technical Passport of equipment and machinery

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Technical Passport of equipment and machinery

What is the technical passport? what is it for? is required?



Precise immediately an extremely important thing that often, in the context of the supplies that a company turns to the Russian market, this neglects for lack of knowledge or sometimes too superficiality:

The technical passport  (in russian технический паспорт) is an official document that contains information on the measures in place to ensure the safety and health of people working with this equipment and to protect all people who for various reasons are involved in the use process, transport, storage and disposal.

The technical passport of the product (or equipment) is therefore a set of technical documentation that reflects all the information on the product, its operating conditions, as well as the values of the characteristics and all its parameters.

This document must be issued for each production unit and will accompany the product (or equipment) throughout its life cycle until the product (or equipment) is disposed of.
The technical passport of a product must therefore form part of the standard package of documentation that will accompany your supply.

The operational documents that contribute to the formation of the technical documentation suitable for implementation must be drawn up in compliance with the law, which details the requirements and standards for the writing of P.T. (generally the reference standard is the GOST 2.601-2013).

In the technical passport at least the following information must be compulsory:

  •     Full name of the equipment
  •     information on the materials of which the equipment is composed;
  •     The operational life of the equipment;
  •     Details of the manufacturer as well as details about the supplier
  •     Specifications on the properties and characteristics of the equipment, working methods, methods of use;
  •     Information on storage techniques, transport, how to protect equipment from external influences;
  •     precautions that people should observe during the operation of the instrument;
  •     information on recycling options and treatment equipment;
  •     Information on the safety of the equipment during use;
  •     Information on the technical documentation on the basis of which it was produced (drawings, work patterns, etc.)
  •     Information on which standards have been met and on which standards the certification of the product is obtained (and if it has been carried out);

Obviously it must be written in Russian.


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