Kazakhstan Certificate Measuring Instrument

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The metrology certificate for measuring instruments is officially issued by the Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology (RSE KazInMetr) on the basis of the provisions of the Committee for the technical regulation and metrology of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the Kazakh law, all measuring instruments produced and / or imported applied whose scope of application is embodied in the static and / or metrological control are subject to metrological certification.

A measuring instrument is a technical device with standardized metrological characteristics designed to perform measurements.

Obtaining the metrology certificate goes through the choice of two types of metrological conformity control:

Metrological Certificate.

according to what is regulated by the law 2.30-2007 this is issued for a batch of product imported or manufactured in Kazakhstan. Released when up to 3 measurement products of the same model are imported within a year. This type of metrological certification has advantages in terms of cost and release time, as no on-site inspection is required for this specific case.

Model approval (Pattern Approval)

Issued according to the 2.18-2003 standard "SMS RK is issued for mass-produced products imported or manufactured in Kazakhstan.The certified products must be regularly subjected to annual metrological verification (calibration, audit etc. etc.)

The certificate, valid for 5 years, covers all the measurement products listed in the certificate (model, model, series). Inspection and audit at the place where the products are manufactured is mandatory.

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