Pattern Approval Certificate for Russia

How obtain metrological certificate Russia

Regulated by federal law n. 102 dated 26/06/2008 on the "Metrological referability of weight and measure instruments in the Russian Federation" this certification can be defined as a "special variant" of the GOST-R certificate which aims to certify the correct operation of measuring equipment or weight within the legal metrology.

The approval and consequent issue of the certificate (in Russian: Метрологический Сертификат) has a fairly complex process, as it is generally carried out directly by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

The certificate will show the approval number and the instrument registration number in the national measurement equipment directory and will be accompanied by an attachment in which they will be well specified and detailed.

Other descriptions will also be listed, such as: The field of application, the essential technical and metric characteristics, the margin of imprecision, the calibration interval and the name of the normative document in accordance with which the acceptance tests were carried out. Before proceeding with the approval of the model of a measuring instrument, it is appropriate to make sure that the instrument in question has not already been approved. For this purpose it is sufficient to access the database of the national metric service and carry out a search of the same, inserting as a research parameter the name of the model or the company name of the manufacturer. If the instrument is already present in the national Repertoire of approved models and its certificate of approval is valid, it is sufficient to obtain from the Metric Office a certificate showing the registration number of the instrument.


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