• Certificate of products and services in Uzbekistan

    Certificate of products and services in Uzbekistan

    The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "on the certification of products and services" was issued on 28 December 1993 (No. 1006-XII). The fundamental provisions of the law can be summarized as follows:

    Title I ° General provisions:

    This Act determines the terminology and basic concepts applied through this document in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the certification of products and services. It also specifies the national certification system, product certifications, certification of conformity, marking with the conformity marking, and accreditation of the analysis laboratory. The main objectives of the certification are set as protection and protection of the health and safety of people, in order to guarantee the quality and increase the competitiveness of the products as well as the protection of consumers' interests.

    Title II ° General Requirements

    The law establishes that the accredited certification bodies the testing laboratories the managers of the quality of a company, the companies, individual entrepreneurs are subjects of certification (understood as subjects who are given the faculty to start or promote the certification action) while certification objects are products, services and entire quality management systems. The agency for metrology standardization and certification of Uzbekistan is the only national certification body of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The agency has the task of carrying out and implementing the state certification policy and implements all measures aimed at development of the national certification system, also recognizing, where required by law, foreign certification systems. As a national accreditation body The Uzstandard state agency accredits certification bodies, testing laboratories and audit inspectors. "> General requirementsOnly the accredited certification bodies and test laboratories have the right to perform the certification as well as the issue of the certificate of conformity and of the conformity mark.

    Title III ° Mandatory Certification and Voluntary Certification.

    In the territory of Uzbekistan certification is mandatory only for certain types of products.However, the products can be certified on a voluntary basis.The Uzstandard agency specifies a list of products subject to mandatory certification and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan approves list .

    Title IV ° Resolution of disputes, violation of the law on certification.

    In case of disagreement on the results of the certification the interested party has the right to bring their case before the Council of the Ustandard. > The certification bodies responsible for the correct issue of the certificate of conformity and the mark of conformity as well as the testing laboratory are responsible and obliged to provide accurate results. The Manufacturer (applicant) is responsible for providing any legal certification documents. Violation of this law is the subject of administrative sanction and legal action against the intervening parties as provided for by the jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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